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Welcome to the Harvard Law School Space Scheduling System

This system may be used to view or request space for events on the Harvard Law School Campus. For more details on system use, please read below. Select "Log In" under "My Account" in the above menu for access and return to this page by clicking on the HLS shield above.

HLS Service Provider Hours

The HLS service providers are the Office of Event Scheduling and Support, Media Services, and Restaurant Associates.

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday:(9AM - 5PM)

* Office Hours are the weekday hours when administrative staff are in the office and available to the HLS community.

Service Hours:
Monday - Saturday:(8AM - 10PM)
Sunday: based on Event Schedule (additional charges may apply)

* Service Hours are the hours during which service providers are on campus and you can expect event services to be provided without special arrangements or premium charges.
* Requests outside of service hours require approval by each service provider and will incur premium charges.

* Requests for all HLS services must be submitted online at myrooms.law.harvard.edu at least three business days prior to the start of your event.  Requests and/or changes made later than three business days prior to the event/class will be accommodated on a case-by-case basis and cannot be guaranteed.
* Fees may be incurred for last minute requests and/or cancellations.


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How do I see other events at HLS?

Scroll over "Search Methods" in the menu above and several options will show up. Select the "Room Scheduling Calendar" to see what other events have been booked using the Room Scheduling System. PLEASE NOTE - This calendar is not the HLS Public Events Calendar and will only display events that are booked using this system. To publicize on the HLS Public Events Calendar please see the instructions linked below.

How do I get more information on event space?

Scroll over "Search Methods" in the menu above. Select "Space Descriptions" to see a list of buildings and event spaces with detailed room information.

How do I see which spaces I can book?

Scroll over "Search Methods" in the menu above. Select "Look Up Available Space" to see a list of buildings and event spaces and view availability.

How do I book space and/or services for an event?

There are two options for booking space and/or services; all are located by scrolling over "Reservations" in the menu above:

  • Express Reservation: Choose this option if you are looking to book a space within the next seven days and require no room setup, media services or catering. You may only book one space within any seven day period. If you anticipate having food, media services and/or room setup use the "Full Service Reservation" form.
  • Full Service Reservation: Choose this option to book space for recurring meetings, events of a larger scale, and/or events with services needed (i.e., catering, media services, etc.)

How do I request services for academic courses or non-event space?

Choose the Service Only Reservation from the "Reservations" menu if you are requesting room setup, media services and/or catering for academic classes or non-event space.

How do I view space already booked?

Scroll over "Reservations" in the menu above. Select "View My Reservations" to see all spaces that have been booked.

How do I book the HLS Pub?

In the menu above under “Reservations”, select “Pub Reservations”. Students Organizations, Departments/Programs, and Faculty may book the HLS Pub for group use. The Pub cannot be booked for personal events.

How do I request publicity for an event?

Publicity for all events should be submitted through the Space Scheduling System. The only events that should be submitted via Master Calendar are: off-campus events, on-campus rooms that are not in EMS, or conferences or events that are related events but require multiple rooms.  Full instructions can be found here (link).